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Welcome! This website was created on Apr 05 2008 and last updated on Jul 25 2012.

There are 1400 names in this family tree.The webmaster of this site is Angel . Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.
About The Hawley Lines Past and Present
This is a site that is in the beginning stages of its creation.  I am attempting to find every source possible to ensure that I can verify information that I have on this site. However; mistakes are made and they are corrected.  If you see an error or think that there is an error in a date or place please feel free to leave a e-mail and let  me know.  If you think that you are related to this line again please contact me.

**Please Note** that on the FEMALES I do use the maiden names of the family, if i have their grave marker it may be listed under their married names. I also may have ML or DC under some of the names that are listed. If you see a surname please look there maybe documents with that name.

If you have information that goes along with the people that is on this site and can  be verified I will source it to the person who gives me the information.  Credit is given to where credit is due.

I want to Thank:** Carole a cousin who has contacted me and given me much information on the TITUS line and has given me permission to put the information on this website.  **Sherry another cousin who is working with me on the HAWLEY line as well  and much thanks goes to her

**Note ** Nothing is set in stone as far as dates this is a guide-- I do have sources for the things that are on this page but as I am uploading this information I have learned that my sources are taken down if you have a question please ask--

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Have a intresting story that goes with the famillies on this site? leave a note and tell us about it ....ty for visting

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